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I wanted to try the whole process out, so I did some research on what I would need to put on the lid like I have in the past for my various DIY coffee tables. These are not finished products since the parts I’m posting aren’t my favorite parts, but I figured this would be a great idea.

You will need:

1.2 kg of coffee grounds

2.2 kg of coffee

1.25 kg of water

I will be adding 3 layers of paper towel and spray foam around the edges to make sure no excess coffee grounds gets on the lid.

You will also need a small bowl full of cold water to wash off the coffee grounds. The coffee will just float to the top of the paper towel which I use to remove the bottom layer of paper towel.

Let’s get started.

I wanted to use some regular old paper towel for the cups, but they do not always come with the coffee grounds as they do when you buy them and it was pretty hard to get them at that price.

I’m not going to be making cups for these. The beans are already ground in such a small container, so I think there’s no reason to use a fancy cup that costs more than 1 cent!

First step I think would be the coffee grounds, but again, I could do that after the beans are ground.

Now with the two cups full of grounds, I can make sure that the top layer of paper towels don’t stick to the lid when I move the lid.

Here’s the lid on its own.

Let’s start with adding paper towels. In the case of the coffee table we use it’s the same thing as making the cups.

If you want to add the foam it will be on the bottom of the tray, but it is a good idea to leave it at the bottom. The reason is you don’t want to put the foam on top of the coffee after every use of the tray.

Just look:

Now that the coffee has been added and cooled down I can start spraying the foam. I do this as a final step of adding the foam.

I was able to get about a 1 cm layer of foam from the ground coffee up to the edge of the lid. In the course of a few minutes a little foam will form from the coffee, but

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What’s trending in crafts? – Woodworking Business For Sale Wisconsin Car
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