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A former Navy SEAL who has become the subject of controversy over claims he lied to the families of children lost in the Iraq war and who said President Barack Obama “lied to the families” is suing the Department of Defense to clear his name.

Lawyers for Seal Team Six member Chris Kyle in a federal lawsuit filed late last month asked the court to allow him to testify to the families of three children who died in 2003 — including the son of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry — in hopes they will shed light onto the issue.

The families also are seeking damages stemming from the way the SEALs were used in the Iraq war and their treatment by the military.

“The government has been dishonest of its own accord in making false statements to the families of these children,” the suit said.

The lawsuit, filed in San Antonio on January 4, was made public last week by a lawsuit brought by a family of a 6-year-old American citizen who died in the Iraq war.

“The government is lying to the families,” said the family’s attorney, Steven D. Warren. “And the government needs to come clean. They’ve been lying about the number of troops on the SEAL team, about the type of weapons the military used when they went into Iraq, about the death of these kids. The families were misled by these claims for several years, and the military didn’t even attempt to answer the questions the families asked.”

The families of three children lost in the war in Iraq are suing the Defense Department and the Obama administration for the death and illnesses of children in the Iraq war. (Reuters)

Kyle is the youngest SEAL to be honored with the Silver Star with Valor, Bronze Star with Valor and Combat “V” Device, Defense Department records show. The first four were awarded in his platoon.

His claim, filed in April, said he was forced to lie to the parents of two boys, ages 8 and 10, to keep them safe. He claims he was “hosed down” by his unit with tear gas and water.

Kyle said he did not give false information about the deaths or injuries of his team-mates because in general, he is “not a liar.”

But a spokesman for U.S. Africa Command, which runs the military unit, said in an emailed statement that Kyle did not tell them the names of the children whose deaths or injuries his team-mates suffered.

“Although the Navy has a strict

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What’s trending in crafts? – Carpentry Business Near Me Loveland
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