What skills do you need to be a woodworker? – Best Woodworking Business Cards

I’d say I need to learn the basic tools including hand tools and a planer for building new projects. I would also need to be able to use heavy duty miter and table saws.

Do you have any other tips/experiences to share?

My dad was a shop owner in the 1950’s and he had a great skill at making anything (he made a chair that was so heavy). Some of the things he made were not what I was able to make today, but that is my goal.

If I were to build any, my goal would be to learn how to make wood from a block that has been sanded and the surface polished.

Does your family have a special love for woodworking?

My family is very talented in woodworking. My mom is a very talented sawyer. She’s currently learning how to make things I need for my shop. My dad has been a craftsman since he was young. He also is a woodworker.

What advice would you give to someone who loves to learn different types of craft?

It would be very helpful to learn how to work with things other than wood. If I could only have 1 more year for my woodworking skills, it would be to learn how to make things with wood. I have had an eye for wood for many years now but I haven’t had much success with it yet. If that’s the path I chose, I would think to learn how to make things that cannot be seen. I know that a lot of people learn to work with wood by working with it right off the bat. I like to work with wood in a more gradual manner so I can learn different techniques.

What kind of rewards do you personally expect from woodworking?

I get to make stuff that has sentimental value. When I get this kind of product, I am happy with it.

Are you currently employed, interning, or at a job where you are working?

No. I have a job right now, but I am looking at opening an apprenticeship soon since I am getting into that industry and have great friends to help me teach.

How did you develop this passion for woodworking?

There was a time while I was in grade school when I had an interest in woodworking and started experimenting a lot with the wood I picked up around me. It would usually be after an evening of drinking with friends but on some rare occasions I’ll

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What skills do you need to be a woodworker? – Best Woodworking Business Cards
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