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Start building your log cabin from the timber you have available. If you’re not sure how many logs to get, start your first log cabin with one. There are also plans for building a log cabin with different size logs. This page discusses the design and construction of a log cabin, if you’re looking for more building resources, see the next article.

Do I need a home-furnishing budget?
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It depends.

Whether you can afford to do this or not depends on how much you expect to spend. Most experienced people can tell you their budget. If you’re starting from scratch, you can get a general idea, but don’t do this until you have a good understanding of your income. A budget of about $40,000 will cover basics like paying rent, groceries, utilities, and gas. If you’re going to build something more, go into a deeper and more expensive budget. Some people build a cottage in their dreams; others decide on a cottage as a budget.

Do I need a land lease to build a home in Alaska?

This means no lease unless other requirements are met, but it does not require a lot of money.

Do you need the help of a contractor?

This depends. If it’s part of a larger project, a contractor may actually provide one or even an architect if that will help. It may also be more cost-effective for you to buy your own supplies or do work yourself. I’ve done this many times, and I’ll continue to share information here, when the time comes. In some cases, you may need a builder to help you construct a cabin or other home-furnishing project.

If this is all you need, you can start out with just wood and construction supplies. If you have time and an idea for a design, and/or a great contractor, you’ll want to spend more. If you don’t have anyone to guide you, then a contractor can be helpful.

What kinds of homes will I build now?

Before we continue, let’s review the basics that the vast majority of log cabin builders and home builders have seen in magazines and the internet. Here they are.

Log cabin builders

These folks are building log cottages. They build from scrap lumber, with the goal of creating a sturdy structure that will last 100 years. A typical cottage may be made of one story and a basement, which is usually a wood frame.

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What should I build out of wood? – Woodworking Market
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