What should I build and sell? – Self Employed Woodworker Salary

So, now that you can build, sell, and enjoy a whole list in one place, we can see some examples of what you can build and sell.

The first one is the most common. You build your very own car and sell it on craigslist or ebay. While the seller will likely not pay you to build your car for them in the first place, they can use your car as collateral to get back more money from you (that you will not be able to use to cover your costs of purchasing the car).

The second is also easy and fun to build. You can build and sell a car in a weekend by buying a used car and just driving it for an hour to wherever the cash is. I call it the “road trip” car, for the fun and the miles.

In both cases, you build your car, sell it, and enjoy all the miles (and in both cases, you can pay cash to a dealership to receive a receipt for that mileage).

The first car in this example is a 1994 Nissan Skyline 300ZX. I have been making it my business for the better part of 20 years. While I love every car I build I build, I like my Skyline more than the others. You can tell it’s true. Its a big car, has lots of wheelbase, and is easy to drive. If you love it as much as I do that’s great! But if you buy it as a project and drive it to where the money is, then I’m not sure that “this car should be yours” is so relevant to your build. It’s fun to find a good spot, find a good car, and build it, you can do so on the cheap, and still make a profit. Of course the more you add on the car, the more you build on the build.

What’s next?

While this was a step by step guide for finding your way around the various car markets and building the car from there, there are hundreds of other ways to build the car.

Here are a few examples of just how many great ways you can build the car and get great mileage in the process:

You build your own car and sell it at a “dealership for cash”

You build your own car and sell it for cash on the garage lot

You buy a car you own and sell it to the “dealership for cash”

But that’s just

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What should I build and sell? – Self Employed Woodworker Salary
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