What is a good first woodworking project? – Woodworking Business Book

“The most important thing in a woodworking project is to start with something fun and interesting. If you build something amazing, that you want to show off to your neighbors and your family, you’ll be surprised by how many people say this and they come back for more, which is what I was aiming for here. This project’s the opposite direction.”


How are you getting to know Sebastien? What’s his history?
The history of the axe | Gränsfors Bruk Sweden

“I knew Sebastian as a young kid when we attended the same school and I became good friends with him as well. I met him on my first day out of school. We went to the museum in Paris and we all had the same day off that day, so we all went to the museum together. There was a little group of us so there was Sebastian, who’s older, and I, who’s younger. There was a photographer there I knew and we ended up taking photos together. You always meet people who are like you, just because they are so different. I was an artist at the time, and a lot of my friends were artists, and the only thing I knew was about the craft. I wanted to pursue photography at the same time as I was a professional artist because photography opened my world. And then I was introduced to Sebastien and Sebastien’s father, who owned a gallery in Paris. He had a lot of beautiful photos of Sebastien at that time of him with his family standing in his garden playing with his children. Sebastien was so passionate about nature. He was always into nature and playing, especially with his kids. I don’t think I was the only one who loved him. He would do anything for them, from putting on make-up to playing his guitar. I went to the exhibition later on in our lives and I found his photo collection. It was amazing, it was very inspiring. He was quite an exceptional guy and very talented and he was always smiling and he used a lot of different techniques. His father was really proud of his son. There was a lot of passion in his heart for photography, and I remember being pretty shocked to see that he was really good with his children too.”

We are the best, and the fastest, in Melbourne’s sporting community!

From the earliest years of football, to the modern day, we have developed a reputation as being the ultimate sporting event. Since it began in 1890, Football Day of Melbourne has become a fixture of our annual event.

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What is a good first woodworking project? – Woodworking Business Book
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