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Every time we have an event, handmade products are definitely one of the top categories and items that we love to see people enjoy in the crowd and in homes. In 2012, we had so much fun with DIY ideas and the inspiration of creating these amazing designs. The same kind of things are also very popular for our guests.

Are your creations made out of fabrics, or clay? How does the design process go?

We started out by painting over the design. This allowed us to learn about the design process and really make the art come alive and give a true piece of handmade furniture. We will usually find a material we will really like and learn and use it in all their best to create the beautiful pieces we see in people’s homes and homes of others.

What do you love about handmade products?

When it comes to the creative process, we’re really in love with the idea. We are so inspired and we can’t imagine how any of them can be made any other way than we just love the process and think it’s awesome and a really good use of this very expensive and time-intensive product. To start out with, when we get this kind of inspiration and we see the work of people who have made these lovely furniture pieces, we get really inspired. And to see a piece of our work done in a very different way, in such detail, really drives us to finish it up and then have it to share on our social networks.

What can we expect from the upcoming collection from Stacey?

The collection is very new and very young. Everything is totally new and just very fresh and very different from what we are used to as a company and our clients. We will be sharing lots of info about this collection in coming weeks! We hope that you will come and see it in some style and see that it’s quite wonderful stuff!

Photos by Stacey Chinnich (Source: Stacey Chinnich Design Blog) (Source: Stacey Chinnich Design Blog)
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What handmade items are in demand? – Woodworking Business For Sale Near Me
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