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In December, we released our annual Top 50 Crafts trends report, which looked specifically at the craft beer categories—brewed, bottled, and kegged. If the craft brewing community wants to be in the spotlight with the world, they’ve got to do better than this.

Craft beer has been rising for decades, and you can see it now in more and more new products. The growth rate is unprecedented, and there are more breweries than ever before, creating a greater variety and number of new beers.

But as the world’s leading craft beer market continues to grow year on year, there are challenges in a crowded marketplace. To meet these challenges and stay ahead of the craft beer trend curve, every craft brewer has to grow their production, or they will never survive.

We’ve put together a list of all 50 craft beer trends from this year’s top 50, sorted based on their average number of votes from our readers.

It’s no surprise that California’s Sierra Nevada and Oregon’s Wicked Weed were the two big winners from our list. Sierra Nevada, on the heels of a $90 million merger, released their popular barrel-aged beers, along with the new Hop Hunter Series on August 20. On the other hand, Oregon’s Wicked Weed has been putting out more and more styles of beer, starting with their new Hop Hunter Series on August 9.

More craft breweries are expanding their geographic reach every year, which drives up demand every time there are more craft brewers competing globally for attention. As more people want to drink craft beer, this trend will only continue to grow.

The majority of the trend in the top 50 are brewed in California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Other notable states and areas include New England, Colorado, and Virginia, with Arizona and Oregon rounding out the Top 10.

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Looking ahead into the future of craft beer, we’re excited to see it develop into a bigger, more important craft beverage category. We hope that this list will help people understand the craft beer trends and help craft brewers to keep their eye on the prize.

Craft brewing is a fast paced industry. If all of the trends are a good thing, who knows what the next great beer trend could be?

Cheers to the winners and best of the craft beer trends of 2016!

Top 50 Craft Beer Trends List

1. California’s Sierra Nevada

2. Oregon’s Wicked

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What crafts are trending in 2020? – Starting A Woodworking Business Podcast
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