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In 2010, while he was serving the second year of his three-year sentence in a Colorado prison, former U.S. President Bill Clinton asked former FBI Director Louis Freeh why he left office having spent 13 years investigating his wife’s affair with an intern. “You said, ‘We all make mistakes, but this is unlike any other,’ ” Freeh explained.

“No,” Clinton replied.

That comment – and an infamous tweet from the Clinton-era White House — have helped to cement Hillary Clinton’s status as the presumptive Democratic nominee for president in the 2016 race. For her part, Chelsea Clinton has been making it the point that her little sister’s political career could soon be threatened by a possible Donald Trump presidency.

The two were just last Friday in Colorado, at a rally in Greeley, where the First Daughter described a “dangerous” Donald Trump presidency for women and children, and called on fellow members of her family to put up a fight. “I do not think Donald Trump is a president I want to be part of,” the First Daughter told a crowd of about 200 people, her father front and center. She then added: “But I’m going to stand up and make sure that when you walk out of the arena, you feel like there’s a huge cheer and a big show of strength – and that he’s defeated for the next president of the United States, in my opinion.”

The remarks have raised the question of just when Trump is ready to accept blame – and when Hillary Clinton is ready to give up and take the fall.

Chelsea Clinton has been urging Hillary Clinton to take a hit for months

It was a statement made at the end of a day when the Democratic frontrunner was in a very tough spot. When the candidates were questioned by reporters after the debate on the economy, Mrs. Clinton gave the impression that the race was already over – and, in fact, almost every question she got was about her Democratic opponent. As the candidate was leaving the stage after the debate and addressing the journalists, Hillary Clinton took a moment to walk to a group of female supporters, who were taking pictures of her. “Hillary Clinton says she’s not a quitter,” one of the supporters, Ashley Williams, told CNN. “I’m not going to take that from her.”

And then came Trump. The Republican nominee inked the contract with his running mate Mike Pence at 12:01 a.m.

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What are the most profitable handmade crafts? – How To Market Wood Products
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