What are popular crafts to sell? – Woodworking Business Card Ideas

I want to know what people want to eat/drink. What are the things that are popular in each area?

What are the food items that people are most in demand for?

How do people make money?

Do you sell a certain percentage of your product?

What’s your most popular item?

How did you first get started in the food industry?

What did you have to do to start running a business?

What advice do you have for someone considering the food industry to start a farm and grow a food business?

What skills do you think would make you a great seller?

Favorite piece of advice that you’ve given out to others?

What would be the role of farmers like you with this change in food production and distribution in your lifetime?

What are some of your favorite food stories? Where’d you find it? How do you deal with it?

How did you find your way into the food system?

What would you like the world to know about your own story?

What has been the most challenging aspect as more and more folks are starting to realize the food crisis?

What do you believe will happen to the future of our food system in 10 years?

How many plants does it take to feed the whole world? How do you see it progressing in the future?

How would you describe your business?

What kind of food is a plant and which kind are seeds?

What have you eaten and why?

What did your family have to deal with growing up in the 1970s/80s?

What have you done in the past as a farmer?

Where do you see your business playing in 10 years?

What has been your happiest moment in the last year?

What has been a difficult moment?

How can your business make us all live longer, better, and healthier lives?

How important is it to have an understanding of the changing paradigm?

I need a lot of feedback from farmers and other people who have been directly affected by recent changes.

How often do you read the news from outside of the community?

I’ve also noticed I get a lot of questions in and around the food business which can vary from simple questions that I usually try to answer to more complicated questions that really get to me. I really don’t want to get into all the ways I try

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What are popular crafts to sell? – Woodworking Business Card Ideas
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