Is Woodworking an expensive hobby?

Why do you need so much woodworking material?

We started by making our own cabinets out of 2x6s (wood), but soon after started to purchase wood to make other pieces on a regular basis. To see this type of construction we had to stop and think before we bought our own wood.

We looked at our options and decided that wood in general was not an expensive hobby. We are not wood experts and didn’t know much about the wood industry, but we knew that if we could find the most inexpensive pieces of wood for us to purchase, then we could build large cabinets quickly and make a profit.

What Is a Wall Panel?

A wall panel is the plywood sheet that you will assemble into your own solid walls. Most people are used to building their cabinets and drawers on a single piece of wood as opposed to a panel. A wall panel is typically 3-5″ thick and measures from the top of the cabinet to the bottom.

If you look close, you will see that the panels of your cabinets are constructed differently. We have found that when you use two panels you can get a better look at the details. You also have the option of having a panel between the cabinets.

Here are the 2 dimensions of the panel that we will be using to construct the Wall Panel.

Wall Panel Dimension Length (Inches) Width (Inches) 6″ 3-5″ 1″ 12″ 2″ 4″ 8″ 2″ 24″ 3″ 6″ 5″ 8″ 6″ 28″ 3″ 8″ 3″

For those who are unfamiliar with wall panel construction, a wall panel is made out of 2 panels connected together through holes. The panels aren’t glued into order, rather they are nailed. The corners or corners of the panel can be cut out with a plane if necessary, and the top of the panel can be glued closed as well to complete the top of the panel.

If we look at what we have on our wall, we can see that we have two walls on each side. We will use a piece of wood that has 3″ of interior width at the top and bottom. If we take a look at our wall plan, we will see that the walls go through 3 areas for the two panels we will be using. The area between these 2 walls would be filled with screws. This area will be the inside wall that we are going to use.

Using the wall panel as a guide

Is Woodworking an expensive hobby?
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