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What kind of trade? Trade can be defined as a relationship between two people or individuals by means of which exchange of goods or services is allowed. If it is possible to define the trade with an analogy, one to which the words timber and woodworking most closely resemble, this trade is defined as the business of preparing and transporting timber as a supply, which is required to supply the needs of the business.

Trade involves a complex and intricate web of relationships. A trade is a relationship between two or more individuals, often referred to by the common name of the parties. The parties may or may not be in a business relationship. The parties may or may not be dealing with each other directly or indirectly, either directly or indirectly through the trade. This means that the parties are likely to be dealing, through trade, with one another in the usual course of business. This is not to say that these parties are not in a business relationship; it is to say that the parties will probably not be dealing directly with each other.

In a business relationship there are many factors that determine a trade’s extent and importance: the size of the business, the nature of the trade, the amount of goods or services involved, the time taken to prepare the goods or services, the quality of goods, the quality of service provided, the price paid for the goods or services, if the goods and services are supplied by other parties to the business relationship, the size and sophistication of the trades involved, the nature of the trade, and whether the trade is carried out for profit or for investment.

An important aspect of the business relationships in which woodworking and woodworking trade parties engage is that there are always different levels of complexity in trades with different suppliers. The degree of complexity is closely linked with the skill level of the suppliers. Thus, the simpler the trade, the more intricate the trade relationships. A trade that consists of several simple trades and a few complex or high complexity trades is likely to have a high level of complexity, while a trade that consists of multiple simple trades and many complex trades is likely to have a low degree of complexity.

The extent of complexity at the most abstract level of the trade is based on: the level of expertise, skill level, and the quality of service; the number of trades involved, and the complexity of the trades involved; and the number of suppliers involved.

How complex are trades? Woodworking involves a wide range of trades. To give a rough idea of the degree of complexity involved in wood

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Is woodworking a trade? – Woodworking Business Forum
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