How much money can you make making wood signs? – Woodworking Business Plans

We do an average of 30 a day, but that can vary considerably from one day to the next.

So when are you hiring?

When something is really cool and requires a lot of time. (It’s almost always a wood sign… and we make some of the most amazing ones out of wood…)

Do you need a minimum number of signs per month?

Not necessarily. Sign making is flexible enough where it might be the case that you can make more than you need in a few days.

How many wood signs do you need?

We recommend doing 1,000-1,300 per month. We’ll sometimes offer more once a month.

How often do you hire?

We’ll do everything needed to complete the project ourselves, though we won’t offer jobs that require a group effort.

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Where do you source the wood for your signs?

It’s almost always a local shop.

Who will finish the sign?

Once a month, if a company isn’t available.

Can I print the signs to order?


How much can you charge for a 100×100 sign?

We suggest a $40 or $50 premium for each sign. If you’re doing the whole thing, you can also print a 100×100 print and use that!

Do I have to install everything myself?

There’s a good chance you can use a friend or family member to install things for you, which will save you from having to have someone install it.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we sell to residential customers for up to six weeks and FedEx for up to one month.

All the designs you post are available for download, or printable.

What is the difference between an “oldie”, a “goodie”, a “dullie”?

The oldies are pretty standard, but they’re mostly a good idea. The dullies are a little more unique and give you a little something extra.

How many signs can you make in a day?

We’ll go between 30 and 50 signs per day depending on the demand. We’ll probably never make more than 1,300 signs per month.

Would you mind making a custom sign for me?

We have a special list of people we like to give custom wood sign jobs to, but if you’d like us to make you a one

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How much money can you make making wood signs? – Woodworking Business Plans
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