How much can you make as a woodworker? – Starting A Woodworking Business Podcast

My favorite question? The only honest answer is: You will probably never make much. I’ve seen a lot and even though it’s not my favorite hobby, it hasn’t stopped me from trying. So, to get the lowdown, I asked the most prolific makers of vintage woodworking: what kind of work do you do and how do you make it possible?

I don’t have a lot of time. It’s a hard trade. I only work a couple evenings a week if I’m lucky, most days I’m just sitting back and doing work. I’m the kind of person who, at a certain point in my life and career, I’m happy to give up my time and dedicate a lot more to my crafts.

I like to imagine a little wood shop is like a workshop that would do things for you, even if they would come at a pretty steep price. Do you ever dream of owning the shop full time?

Yeah, I really would like that because it’s really hard out there. I’m definitely making more things right now than I used to, but I’m not spending a lot of time working on them.

You don’t make a huge amount of custom stuff with wood, which does give you a sense of ownership, but don’t you have to be an expert craftsman to even keep your own work in the shop?

Not particularly, I think just having some training gives someone the ability to put stuff together or take something apart. A lot of the time, it’s much more of being around other people, which makes that work much slower and less involved.

I like to think of it more as a job I could have done a lot better if I had been born a few years before the shop even existed, but it’s like being around someone who works at something you like to do even though you don’t necessarily.

Do you want to travel more, or do you just want to keep doing what you’re doing?

Personally, I don’t think much in between. I like being out exploring every now and then. It’s an art form, something I’m pretty into.

What do you love doing that other people don’t like to do?

We’re all a bunch of different things. I’m just really good at putting everything into the water, at doing the water things. You take an axe and you make some little tool for someone and I think that’s pretty cool. Also, being able to

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How much can you make as a woodworker? – Starting A Woodworking Business Podcast
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