How do you carve a wood sign by hand? – How To Market Wood Products

What do you use? What about metal or glass?

This is a hard question, because a traditional hand carving sign is almost like carving with a chisel or chisel gouge. While it may be possible to use a chisel gouge, the technique and materials are a lot different, as in the end the sign can never be entirely completed (although there is still a lot of work to done to finish it). This is especially true if you are carving into wood, although a chisel gouge can still be used to carve into wood.

While I am not a master woodcarver and cannot give a detailed guide, I will give some general guidelines:

1. Use a smooth rough piece (i.e. a chisel gouge) for the middle, the outside edges, and the lettering (as in the example). The rough piece will have more surface area than a rougher cut piece.

2. Use a sharp-edged chisel for the larger lettering points. This will make the middle sharper, making the entire letter much easier to cut (unless you are using an edge table).

3. Use a very large chisel (a 5/16″ to 1/8″ chisel is preferred) for the main letters. They have a much sharper point. This will also make the sign more noticeable and help to prevent them from flaking off as they will take a lot of pressure to cut.

4. Use a very fine chisel for the small lettering points. These have a wider range of hardness and are more likely to flake off. A sharp chisel with very fine chisel will leave the larger lettering points relatively unscathed (unless you are using an edge table). A chisel which is too sharp may also make it hard to use (i.e. to move the chisel if needed).
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Now that we know these general guidelines for carving, lets look at the techniques I have learned, and how I carve them by hand.

How do you create your signature?

My signature has two parts, either end of it is hand carved, both are signed first, then stamped, and then a letter is added, and it is usually in the middle of the signature, on the end, or even a bit further away from the stamping.

Here are some methods I have used to create my signature:

1. Scrawling

I have always relied on the method

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How do you carve a wood sign by hand? – How To Market Wood Products
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