How do you become a master carpenter? – Wooden Small Business Ideas

“I just make the wood, then I show it to them.” That’s how he does it. I have to be a master carpenter for my son or for my daughter or for my wife.

Did you make your own or hire workbenches from scratch?

I made most of the workbenches for my son. He made his own workbenches and I went back to the shop and said “I want to make these.” So I have my son make the workbenches and I put them out in front. In the beginning, I just did this on the road. Today I have a shop. I started working as a carpenter around the same time my son started.

What do you learn about carpentry from you, your wife and son?

I learned a lot. Just making it seem natural and easy to me. Because I don’t have to feel about the product. Now I’m trying to make my own things. So my son doesn’t work on the cars. He works on the house and the kitchen and the family stuff. He comes home and he comes back from work and he starts painting the house. He paints a couple of the carvings in the garage. So he has a different mind as far as the carvings go.

You started carpentering when you were in your twenties?

Yes. I wasn’t into cars and I didn’t know about anything like that. I just know about woodworking. My father was a carpentry engineer and my father gave us all this knowledge and it was the one thing that my grandfather did in his life. My grandfather died when I was 14 and he had a family of four in Chicago and he taught us carpentry.

When did you first start buying your own tools?

My dad had a house with a lot of tools and he was trying to get me to buy a carpenter’s shop because we didn’t have one. It was very expensive and I knew that I needed to do it. My dad was a carpenter, but not a big one. He was a big guy and he never had a car. We moved from my house to a smaller house as a family and I found the tools at the hardware store.

I think most of your children have started their own businesses. What do you advise them going forward as they get older?

Well, they start out small first. I tell them I think they should take their time

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How do you become a master carpenter? – Wooden Small Business Ideas
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