How do you become a master carpenter? – How To Start A Home Woodworking Business Youtube

You don’t. You have to go to school for an apprenticeship…and, if you’re an apprentice, you have to sit through a lot of classes. And then you go to a master carpenter, and then you get to sit in the class and learn about mechanics, and you learn about painting, and you start to understand how to apply tools into your own workshop.”

What do you buy when you need materials (building material, tools, etc.) for a project?

“I usually buy an old truck. I’ll do a lot of the stuff at home in my garage. And I’ll buy a big tool box. For a house on the corner. I always get a box of tools to use when I’m working. If I really got into an area that I want to get some good work done, I will have the same tool box I have right here. Even if I work the next day or the next week instead of working the next week.”

What are some of the most important tools you own?

“I have a pair of pliers, a small pair of wire cutters, some jigsaws, wire cutters, nail saws, and a lot of other tools. I also have a couple of hammers and a couple of picks and a couple of saws.” (Ed. Note: You shouldn’t buy these things unless you have all the right tools—not all the best tools are available to everyone.)
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What is something that you would like to see improved regarding the way you construct wood?

“I would love to get some wood for my home so I can have better access to the wood…I’d love to get some small lumber…I’d love to have more space so I have extra wood for my fireplace. I need a nice kitchen where I can put a table. I love to have the storage bins…the thing I miss from my old home is the bins—they were always with the furniture. Some of the cabinets I’ve got are not very big. I’ve never had any really nice storage. I’d also like to see the cabinets made out of a really thick piece of wood, like a log, so they can be very stable.”

What can you tell us of some of your “other” hobbies?

“I do photography, sometimes film. I don’t remember the last time I took a picture. I’ve only been really into photography for a couple years. I really enjoy the process

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How do you become a master carpenter? – How To Start A Home Woodworking Business Youtube
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