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If you are going to get a table saw, you will also need some type of power driver (a “d” driver will do nicely). The power driver will handle the power consumption for the table saw (generally about 30 Watts or more, depending on the size of the table), as well as powering the power cord that runs to it. A table saw is also required to install the table saw mount. I recommend having a box of the power and cord to store everything in, but some brands of table saws (eg. Bausch & Lomb) don’t have a box. If you want to get all the details on how to install a table saw from a Bausch & Lomb table saw owner, check out this site on how to install a table saw.

Here is an easy (and cheap!) way to mount a table saw to a piece of wood. Make a piece of plywood that’s about 2″ longer than the table saw. Then drill a hole on one side of the piece of plywood about 3″. Insert a piece of 3/4″ plywood and drill an inch through the hole.

Then glue your wood to the other side of the plywood so that they’re parallel. Mark the hole and install. For better results, use wood glue. Make sure you keep pressure on the wood while installing.

The wood should be flush with the top. If you use plywood with a gap, you will have to cut a bit to close up the gap to finish.

If you have a table saw and/or power cord handy, you can even use it to pull the table saw into place. Here is a nice example. You can use a clamp with a 2-to 3/8″ clamp, a small socket wrench and a bit of table saw glue to hold it in place. I recommend using something like this.

How many hours should I spend per week on table saw maintenance to keep myself from cutting my back on expensive equipment? What are the top tips for table saw maintenance?

The ideal is 6-8 hours per week. For some people, this will be much less, some will be way more. Don’t let the fact that you’re a professional make you think you can’t do it. I know I’ve done it for the past few years and the cost for a professional is a fraction of what it costs you to learn to do. With tablesaw maintenance, I have a

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How do I get around without a table saw? – Woodworking Business Name Ideas
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