How do carpentry skills make money? – Carpentry Business Near Me

There are several types of carpentry jobs. I’ll discuss a few of the better-known ones.

Burglar – These jobs are hard to sell, unless that person has special skills. Burglar is a big job because it takes quite a bit of time and a large amount of money.

Bartering – This is a fun little job for a small amount of gold, but not worth much unless the bard is very famous in town, and the gold is used for some sort of ceremony. A noble may give you a little gold for a special song, or give you gifts if you’re a good bard.

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Carpenter – These jobs are great, especially for the craftsman at the start of the game. These guys are not skilled, but they can work hard and get a little gold for a great job every so often, like building a new fence or finishing an old fence. These are also very fun because you can be an amazing carpenter if you’re not the worst person in town.

Farmers– These guys are like the barter bards, in that they can get gold from a lot of different merchants, but they tend to be less successful. They tend to build fences and keep the fences up as long as possible so the merchants do not take them out.

Pilgrim – These jobs are pretty awesome if you’re good at them. These guys are the best crafters in town, because they can make the best furniture, tools, and weapons that you can come across. The only thing that some people like about these guys is that they can make the best furniture after a lot of work, but they’re always busy on their own farms.

Pilgrim bards tend to be very expensive, as they are very hard to find. I only met one this year, but that’s fine.

The more money someone makes, the higher their position in society. These people can be royalty, and get more money out of their work. You may have to wait many decades before you can find such a person.

I recommend you save your money until you’re in the top half of your class if at all possible, and work more to get ahead than to accumulate it.

You’ll have a hard time finding good bard-level work in the beginning of the game. Once the guild begins hiring you, I recommend looking for good jobs in the barter professions by spending at most an hour each

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How do carpentry skills make money? – Carpentry Business Near Me
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