Can you make money selling wood projects? – Woodworking Business In Retirement

Or are you just the lucky guy to get into the business?

A: The more I learn about woodworking, the more I realize that I can’t, and never will. You won’t make a lot of money doing woodworking. In fact, when people ask me if I’d like to build a furniture or have a coffee table made with wood, I can’t imagine what they will ask me if they were to design it. A furniture or a coffee table is more like an artistic project, which can pay a lot more, but it is not a very profitable one. It really depends on the client’s tastes. Sometimes a furniture is a big deal to the client, and he doesn’t want to spend the money on something else. So if a guy comes in and says, “I’m looking to build a chair. I would like a chair made from a piece of my old plywood,” I’ve already been to the lumber bin. A chair is never going to be made out of something that is worth a lot of money.

Q: How long do you work a week at Home Depot?

A: I start up at 5am on Monday and work until 3 am on Friday. Then I work from 9 to 5 on weekends. On my busiest days, I work all day, and on my most off days I don’t work at all. So that’s a little over 40 hours a week, not counting holiday weekends.

Q: What kind of tools do you use to do your woodwork?

A: In my shop, the heaviest table saw and router I’ve ever owned. My saw takes a while to get to, and sometimes I have to stand with the fence off the shop floor to cut it. But it cuts a lot of stuff. My router’s the one I use when I’m on my computer and I have to find a cuttings hole or use my plumber’s router to cut a hole. And then I put together my cabinet.

Q: What kind of flooring do you like to use?

A: I live in an apartment but I do have a couple pieces of flooring that I use when I’m at home. For example I have the flooring in the living room. The flooring covers the entire ceiling. I had that when I was living in a farmhouse. It’s so beautiful. You might think there would be a lot of wood floors, since I live in an apartment. But as you

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Can you make money selling wood projects? – Woodworking Business In Retirement
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