Can woodworking be profitable? – Free Woodworking Business Plan Template

Yes, yes it is. Woodworking is the highest earning industry in America, and has been for a long time. But there are important caveats that needs to be kept in mind before making a good decision about woodworking.

Many jobs are seasonal and there is no guarantee your job will hire you at the height of the wood craze. Don’t buy the hype that woodworking is the next big thing and expect it to pay you anything close to the average wage for a typical hourly worker. You should be wary of websites saying you need to take a certain job if you would like a good wages. You can probably find one that pays a little better for a more specialized skill.

Another caveat is that there is a wide gap in the wages of woodworkers. There seems to be an almost total shortage of skilled woodworkers. Some people think this is due to new woodworking technology. You have to be very patient to make it. The supply is not nearly high enough to offset demand, and the demand is just so good right now due to the huge increase in interest in wood-working in the United States. In fact, that trend has been going on for years, and is just getting started. If you don’t pay attention to these trends, you may not be making enough money to pay back student loans and have enough money for retirement.

One of our students made $45,000 in 2015! Here he is right now! #Crazy — Woodworking Institute (@wifi) 1 Jul 14

Woodworking doesn’t lend itself to being a career. You have to be very passionate about woodworking, and be willing to give up time that would be better spent in another field. Woodworking requires long hours that aren’t always enjoyable for people. People will work harder and longer just to get by and make ends meet.

Are you going to be able to move out on your own, or will your family be able to support you as hard as you’d like? Will you have health insurance? Are you ready to start a new job after leaving the Woodworking Institute? We want to help the students we serve and answer those questions for you. We provide professional development, networking, and a job search tool for our students. Contact us for information about how long students can stay at the Woodworking Institute after graduation.

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Can woodworking be profitable? – Free Woodworking Business Plan Template
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