Month: November 2020

Why are rip cuts dangerous? – Best Woodworking Business Ideas

Rip cuts, often referred to as “back-filling” or “back-scratchers,” is an extremely dangerous practice in dogs that can result in severe neurological damage. Rip cuts may be caused by repetitive strain injuries in the muscles, joint, ligaments, and skin of a dog resulting in tears of the connective tissue around the joint and an increase […]

Is a woodworking business profitable? – Business Code For Woodworking

Most woodworking businesses are profitable. For an accountant, being profitable means making money. Businesses pay for expenses; you do your part by turning a profit. Here’s the simple business model of a woodworking business: Find another customer. Sell wood. Profit. That is the real business model of a Woodturner. The first part of the episode […]

Is woodworking a good career? – Custom Woodworking Business Near Me 54115 Rentals

It depends on when you start making wood. At the moment, most people are making a living from woodworking through the woodworking trade, selling or trading it. The problem is when you first start with woodworking, a lot of the skills (besides the usual basic woodworking skills like cutting and shaping) really aren’t in your […]

Is it cheaper to build your own furniture? – How To Start A Home Woodworking Business

Yes. For a modest investment, the building materials are abundant, and with a little imagination you can build a whole world of furniture. You can assemble any number of pieces from prefabricated and/or pre-built hardware. Can I buy the furniture I build? No. We are able to sell only the furniture we provide. It comes […]

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