What qualifications do you need for laser tattoo removal?

You need laser tattoo removal to avoid scarring, bruising and pain afterwards. Your laser tattoo removal may need time to heal and may have different results depending on the type of skin you have. You need to have a good skin care regime while you are tattooing so you can prevent complications. Read more about skin treatment and laser tattoo removal.

It’s also worth noting that this surgery will also remove your hair and the edges of your eyes.

What kinds of laser tattoo removal are available?

There are more than 100 types of laser tattoo removal procedures for people who are undergoing laser tattoo removal.

LASIK laser tattoo removal

Tattoo removal using a laser is more common than the laser-healing procedure commonly known as LASIK. LASIK involves a small piece of a laser’s output light shining into the eye – much like a lightening device that is used to light the sky for a number of years.

The laser goes into an area of the skin close to the scar and then, as the skin is heated, blood flows along the laser hole. The laser’s power, wavelength and wavelength length all depend on the thickness of the scar and the healing process.
Laser Tattoo Removal Huntington NY - Is Laser Tattoo Removal Worth It

LASIK works differently in the eye compared to with the skin due to it being able to remove the cancer from a part of the eye where many other laser technologies cannot.

The treatment lasts between six to 12 hours. As a result, the patient is awake and alert while the laser is healing the scar (after it has healed) in about 5 to 10 days.

Some patients have difficulties and can have problems getting into and out of bed for example, this can be a problem during and after the laser removal – your surgeon will advise you before going ahead.

It is important to avoid sun exposure during your laser tattoo removal – it will make the whole treatment ineffective, as it is an artificial sunblock and you will need an effective artificial UV tan.

LASIK is the most common type of laser tattoo removal.

In the UK this surgery is now available to all oncologists at more than 120 NHS speciality centres. As more people opt for laser tattoo removal, it becomes more difficult to qualify for oncologia. The waiting list is longer than for other types of laser replacement. See the NHS Choices online services and advice page for further information.

Tunnel vision laser tattoo removal

This is a type of laser tattoo

What qualifications do you need for laser tattoo removal?
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