Is tattoo removal painful? – Tattoo Removal Results After One Treatment

Yes. Removal of an existing tattoo has a painful, if temporary, effect on the skin around the tattoo and can scar it.

Is tattoo removal temporary?

This varies over time. Most removal of old tattoos usually occurs within a period of four months, although it may take longer if there is an underlying cause of skin cancer, such as a chronic infection.

Where can I get more information about the effects of tattoo removal?

For specific instructions on removing an existing tattoo, see: How to remove a tattoo.

Are there any risks to re-attaching tattoos? Are there any other risks involved?

Yes. Tattoos can be re-attached by a professional. Re-attachment of a tattoo is not always the safest option. Uncontrolled tattoo removal can lead to scarring and it may take at least a year to recover completely.

You may be liable to legal action and fines if you put another tattoo on a person without their permission.

If you are being tattooed, have a professional tattoo specialist look after the person who needs to have the tattoo removed.

You may have the option of having your tattoo removed by an elective or cosmetic surgeon. However, it is very important that you know the risks attached to tattoo removal.

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Is tattoo removal painful? – Tattoo Removal Results After One Treatment
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