Is laser tattoo removal 100 effective? – Tattoo Removal Pain

A. No. Laser tattoo removal is a very complex procedure that involves surgery that removes the tattoo in its entirety. Each client’s specific medical history and requirements dictate the best course of treatment for their individual skin issues and risks. This treatment method may be limited to the area that is being tattooed. It should not be used on any areas that are under the skin of the body and can cause complications, such as infection.

How will a laser tattoo removal treatment result in the appearance, feel, or texture of the tattoo?

A. The process of laser tattoo removal is considered unique to each client, but usually results in a very comfortable, healthy tattoo look. A good tattoo and an effective laser treatment are the result of a consultation that you, with your health care professional’s guidance, discuss with your primary care physician and/or specialist. After this consultation, your primary care physician or specialist will prescribe a treatment plan that works for you. A good laser tattoo removal treatment program should be tailored to address each client’s specific skin issue and risks, while providing an outcome that allows you to continue to have a great tattoo. All laser tattoo removal treatments can be considered cosmetic and are never permanently removed.

Caring for Your Laser Tattoo

What is the laser treatment done during a laser tattoo removal procedure?

A. As mentioned previously, the process of laser tattoo removal is an intense procedure that requires frequent monitoring along with frequent follow-up visits. The procedure is usually done in a room, usually a special room inside the hospital to facilitate this process, that is equipped with high-tech equipment, such as high-speed video cameras. After the procedure, each person is provided with treatment sheets with an application instructions and directions that are always kept on file. This patient information and treatment sheet is passed on from the physician to the patient along with the follow-up visits. As each treatment sheet is read and completed, treatment information and treatments are recorded, keeping the patient up-to-date with any progress towards healing and tattoo removal. The laser tattoo removal treatment sheets are updated from patient to patient on a weekly basis. The treatment sheets are also regularly checked to ensure proper results are achieved. If problems develop during any of the treatment days, the physician can contact the patient to arrange an alternative time for these treatments.

Is the laser tattoo removal procedure safe?

A. Laser tattoo removal is a very complicated procedure that requires careful attention to a large number of variables. The first thing that is addressed

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Is laser tattoo removal 100 effective? – Tattoo Removal Pain
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