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There is an increase of $2.88 to $3.98 (or 4.6 % to 6.2 % depending on the hospital) to pay for any minor cosmetic tattoo procedures.

Small Tattoo Removal from Small to Large: $3.88 to $8.22

Small tattoo removal from large to tiny: $3.28 to $5.32

How much does a small tattoo removal cost by country of origin

It is cheaper after the first few years to travel to a country with a low cost of living, so a simple and cheap tattoo removal is very good.

Tattoo Removal in Thailand

I have a lot about Thailand tattoo removal, so here is my guide on how it works.

Before you leave Bangkok, the doctors will check your skin carefully. A good skin check will reveal if any of the skin areas have tattoos.

Once they have confirmed this, surgery will take place to remove them. This will be a two step procedure: First, the doctor will remove the skin around the tattoo and then the actual tattoo itself. This surgery is more cost effective if the tattoo has been removed by a surgeon.

To find the best Bangkok tattoo removal doctors.

The cost of one tattoo removal procedure may differ from hospital to hospital. But the price may be the same to $8.22 to $10.98 (or 6.6 % to 9.6%).

Below is general information on tattoo removal treatment in Bangkok and Thailand:

If you are a tourist, you have to book a flight ticket as early as possible, because the surgery is usually done in the hotel as you are sleeping and won’t be able to check-in online. If you are already a traveller, your surgery can be done in the airport.

How to find a Bangkok tattoo removal doctor?

Here’s where you need to look for a local tattoo removal doctor to get the most out of your Bangkok tattoo removal treatment.

If you are a tourist, you usually check the prices in the local shops. If you are a local you have to find someone who has an office that specializes in tattoo removal and you are in Thailand to avoid having to pay a lot of money abroad.

How to find a Bangkok tattoo removal specialist

If the prices are not what you are looking for, the best solution is to look on the internet. You can search for tattoo removal clinics on the websites of leading tattoo removal

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How much does a small tattoo removal cost? – Tattoo Removal Cream
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