How long after tattoo removal do you see results? – Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Instructions For Microdermabrasion

A good rule of thumb that helps determine how long a tattoo will stay on its original skin is to remove a tattoo once your body is back to the level of its previous healthy state. If you notice any changes on your skin after a tattoo removal, it is recommended you continue to monitor and possibly see your Dr to see if you have any more issues. If you do have any more issues, it is recommended you contact us as early as possible, as tattoos can not heal after removal until the affected area is healed. If you notice any other issues, it is recommended you contact us in the first 10 days from the original tattoo removal date to see if it could have any bearing on your tattoo removal experience. Once you have received a tattoo removal notice on your medical record, we will send you a “Change of Mind” letter with specific instructions for any further issues that would potentially arise during the healing period after removal of a new tattoo. After the 10 day healing period, the healing process will begin and the tattoo can be removed from the skin as many times as necessary, provided you continue to follow the letter and are monitored during the healing process. As a reminder, there are other options to consider such as your local tattoo parlor providing a full range of tattoo and body piercing services. This may be a great option for you if you simply do not feel ready to have a non-surgical, tattoo removal procedure done at your local surgery, or if you need a less invasive option during the healing process.

How can I prepare?

We provide your initial consultation. During the appointment, we will do a thorough assessment on your medical history, current physical condition and any current or future needs. We will then provide you a general overview of tattoo removal procedures and treatments. We will look at the overall benefits of each procedure and determine which procedure will be appropriate for you, and provide you with additional information on what is covered from your insurance. This includes things like pain relief, healing time, tattoo removal treatments, and healing time. Additionally, we will discuss the possibility of permanent tattoo removal after the entire procedure or at a later date during your follow-up consultation. This may include the possibility of cosmetic permanent tattoo removal such as a different color or style of tattoo.

What insurance can I use to cover a tattoo removal?

We do not cover the total cost of each tattoo removal procedure as these costs can be determined by the procedure’s covered fees, coverage by insurance and other factors. Depending on what benefits and services

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How long after tattoo removal do you see results? – Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Instructions For Microdermabrasion
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