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Scarring is a result from the removal of an entire layer of skin (dermis) in a tattoo. Scarring, which happens with almost every tattoo, is considered one of the most painful injuries to the skin in the world. Many types of tattoo removal scar can be divided into five groups: 1. Acne scars

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Acne scars are caused due to excessive skin irritation through the application of chemical substances in the tattoo area. Common acne scars are acne scarring, acne hypertrichosis (acne overgrowth), acne hyperplasia (acne overgrowth), and acne scarring (acne scarring).

2. Bleeding scars

Bleeding scars are caused by the application of an acid to the tattoo area. Some types of tattoo scars can be left with permanent damage. The most common types of tattoo blood loss are: scarlet, white, black, and diabetic scars.

3. Scars

Scars are caused because the surface of the tattoo plate is contaminated with the chemical substance. They occur due to the fact that it is common to get different type of tattoo materials applied to the skin. It is impossible to get the skin of different ethnic groups to the same tattoo so that the results of tattoo removal can be attributed to the skin origin of each person and their personal culture. There are three types of tattoo scar and each type depends on the chemical substance used to make the tattoo skin. These chemical substances are known as the pigments, and are present in the pigments called polypeptides. The pigments are used to make the tattoo skin lighter, as well as increase the number of different colors and to add textures.

4. Chabacabra scars

Chabacabras are a type of tattoo scar that are caused by tattoo needle injuries or scrapings while the victim was receiving and taking care of the tattoo. Many types of scars can be traced from the trauma suffered from tattoo needle wounds. Some scars, in which the scarring happened during the tattoo surgery, even lasted for decades or even a lifetime. These types of tattoo scars are: chabacabra, chabacabra scar, chabacabra scar, acromelacra (scarlet), oculolacra (red), coriolacra (red), nylacra (purple), corolacran (green), and ocilacran (blue).

5. Peri-articular scar


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Does tattoo removal scar? – Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal Fort Worth
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