Does tattoo removal leave scars? – Tattoo Removal Options At Home

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No. Although there is a risk for scarring, not all tattoo removal removes tattoos. Some tattoo removal removes only ink. Some tattoos can be left with ink or removed by lasers, but laser removal does not remove all tattoos.

If you have a tattoo and you can’t reach it with a razor or a nail file, your doctor may recommend that you get a custom-made tattoo removal scar patch. Read more about scar removal to learn how to buy your own scar patch, and what to expect after removal.

What types of tattoos are removable?

Tattoos have come a long way over the years. By the 1950s, most people with tattoos could still manage to get them removed. Some are still visible by any medical professional. Today, all types of tattoos are removed.

There are different types of tattoo removal, ranging from simple laser removal to scar removal, where scar tissue from laser treatments is removed in a more delicate fashion. Most tattoo removal methods follow a surgical protocol, which includes lasers, or have an outpatient or in-home procedure.

What scars can I expect after tattoo removal?

Many people will see no more permanent tattoo marks or scars after tattoo removal. The exact degree of scarring depends partly on the types and amount of damage you get, and also what happens in the first few hours after the removal.

It’s natural to feel a slight prick or burn with the removal of a tattoo, but this should be accompanied by healing. The healing period varies from a few days to several months. There is typically a slight increase (usually 2 to 3 percent) in redness after the removal of an ink or a small scratch; this is usually accompanied by redness on the skin that has been removed.

While most of the redness is gone after about eight weeks, some redness is left over, and can often be noticed on a weekly or biweekly basis, as new tissue builds. Over the next few months, the redness fades, and the new tissue appears.

The amount and type of scarring is very individual. There’s usually no clear scarring between three to six inches by six inches. Most people will not have the most extensive scarring. You may notice three to eight weeks after the removal of your tattoo that you’ve seen some scarring. If so, you can use it as a warning sign and avoid getting a tattoo.

The severity of the scarring depends on the location and extent of the

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Does tattoo removal leave scars? – Tattoo Removal Options At Home
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