Does tattoo removal actually work? – Tattoo Removal Before And After

The question of whether tattoo removal does work is a matter of debate among experts.

Dr. Daniel L. Jablonski, professor and chair of pediatrics at the Washington University School of Medicine of St. Louis, has published many papers on the matter.

“Tattoo removal is one of these medical interventions that is not so well understood and is not so easy to do, and the results have not been so promising,” he said. “I think the majority of them have indicated, if they want to go ahead with the procedure, that they’re not quite ready for the effects yet.”

But, said Jonathan Cohen, an anesthesiologist and assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine, tattoo removal may well work.

“Studies consistently show that there is a positive correlation between time to full recovery and the amount of time the patient actually spent in the hospital after the tattoo,” said Cohen.

However, he said that the results are only suggestive, and patients should not necessarily stop having the procedure.

So where does this leave anyone who wants to get his, or her, tattoo removed?

“I definitely would say I think people should be aware and don’t necessarily use tattoo removal as the answer and people should think about the possible benefits and not just make decisions at their own risk,” said Cohen.

The Mayo Clinic says doctors should consider alternatives to tattoo removal or not perform tattoo removal for patients who are at risk of complications.

So where does this leave anyone who wants to get his or her tattoo removed?

“If you’re not comfortable, I guess they should be getting rid of it,” said Cooper.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Does tattoo removal actually work? – Tattoo Removal Before And After
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