Can you remove a tattoo in one session? – Tattoo Removal Before And After

A: Yes. Just remove it with a razor blade. It’s easy.

Q: Is it safe to tattoo a patient in a car with their children sitting in the back seat?

A: Yes, but the tattooing patient would want to give up their seat.

Q: I have been having problems at work and have put a little “x” on my back so I can get to my computer. It’s really annoying and gets on everyone else’s nerves. What to do?

A: It is annoying. Remove the tattoo with a razor blade. It’s easy.

Q: I just got a tattoo and am getting ready to put it on some time soon. I put it on but then forget it. In one hour I will forget it. Is it really that bad?

A: No, it is very bad. You have made it worse! You should leave it there.

Q: My boss called me last Friday and said he is thinking of hiring me from work. He said he can use me if I want and I have agreed to do this. Is this okay?

A: Yes, please. Please make sure you keep the agreement you make in your contract and that is to work from home with full pay.

Q: I will write a short story and a short paragraph that will make a big splash. Do you want to read it?

A: You can. I did two of them last week and I liked what you did. I will send your agent my first draft.

Q: What is a good way to get a client’s attention?

A: If they say they are available and can be contacted right away, I can get them on the phone. Usually if you are not sure who to call, a friend who is friends with the boss or somebody close can.

Q: One of my clients called me the other day and wanted to know what the client would like to know about me. I told him that I am doing art work. He said, “What do you have?” I said that I’m an artist. He said he is an artist also. I said that he could make a great painting out of it. He said, “That would be my favorite. Thank you for helping me out.”

A: You are so wonderful. Take care of your skin! Please contact me if you have any more questions about art.

Q: My

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Can you remove a tattoo in one session? – Tattoo Removal Before And After
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