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If the last time you’ve looked at your phone’s status screen was during the moment of your “in-app purchase,” your next call should be a lot easier.

A new app called Status updates all your status icons and information at once, as well as display time and date for each message, on your display device. The system is called the Status app, and when you sign into your Google account, you’ll be able to select one of five themes and add to your phone in that theme — in this case, the color and pattern of the Status app.

The app can even create an icon for each status item. This icon can then be used when typing out text to let users know what’s going on. You have unlimited of these icons — just like you might add a picture on a webpage.

According to the official website of the developers, the app was created a couple of years ago by a team of two people — two of those are actually the same people who originally created Status. The current version, the app version, is only available for Chrome OS, though.

The app is a pretty neat idea. While it isn’t entirely clear how this technology will actually work, one possibility is that it will allow the user to see the status bar and/or message history during a call — similar to how the system allows the user to tap on a message, read the email from the recipient or even make a call from the phone’s display, all of which could take place on the screen.
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The downside of using that kind of system is that it wouldn’t look the same on devices like Nexus devices, with all their customizable backgrounds that don’t require a phone in your hand.

However, Google hasn’t publicly announced any plans for this app in the Android SDK, which is the Android software that runs on the devices (and apps) that run Google’s mobile network (and that developers are allowed to use). It has, however, made available some information from the developer site detailing the development process, which gives us some insight into how the app will work, as well as a few details about what kind of information is already stored, and can be added to the system. You can check out the detailed information here.

In the final analysis, it has always been about the numbers. We are not here to talk about what a great year we had, a great month, or

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Can Salt remove tattoos? – Tattoo Removal Machine
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