Can black tattoos be fully removed? – Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Near Me 29485

No. Black tattoos can not be completely removed at the time of a tattoo removal. Many patients choose to keep the black tattoo to remind them of an ugly past, a painful past that they hope could never come back.

Will I benefit if I remove or dye my black tattoos?

Yes. Black tattoos can only be removed by surgery. It makes more sense to remove a tattoo than to dye it.

How long will it take to remove black tattoos?

Most black tattoos can only be removed by an outpatient procedure. A tattoo removal can take between 30 and 80 minutes depending upon the area and the type of black tattoos.

Will I get tattoos or have tattoos that I like that I can’t get any other way?

No. Black tattoos are not like normal tattoos. Some people get a lot of tattoos they don’t like or want any other way. They might want to dye a tattoo that is not black but there is no way for them to have tattoo art done on any other way on those black tattoos.

I’m not sure if I like black tattoos but I have one that I liked the look of!

Yes – It’s called a “dye job”. Dye jobs are not permanent black tattoos because they are removed permanently by a different process, one that will be explained next. If you were to remove your black tattoo with a dye job, the tattoo might never appear again. I would recommend that you get a tattoo removal professional to determine what you like most about your black tattoo and what to do about it.

What is a “dye job”?

To get a permanent look at black tattoos, many tattoo artists do a dye job. A dye job is a tattoo removal that consists of removing the skin with the desired color for it to appear darker. Once the skin is removed with the desired color, you remove the tattoo.

My skin color is so faded that no other color really looks good on me. Is it okay to take a tattoo off and have it not look black?

A tattoo removal must be considered permanent. If the skin is so faded that it appears to make no difference at all, then yes, you can leave the tattoo completely off without damaging the original tattoo. You would still have the tattoo and it would look a little similar to the original. However, the blacked tattoo would not be visible. The tattoo removal is more difficult and may take more time.

Where can I get a tattoo

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Can black tattoos be fully removed? – Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Near Me 29485
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