Why is graffiti against the law? – How To Spray Paint Art Pictures

Well, that’s the only way of understanding the issue. The art is the act of committing that graffiti with the intent to damage or destroy property. In essence, graffiti is vandalism. It is criminal damage and is defined in the Criminal Code of Canada as follows:

Destruction under a section of the Criminal Code, by means of signs, writing, paint, markings, letters or similar devices, or any other means, except that where a vehicle or trailer is covered over with graffiti, the owner of the vehicle or trailer that commits the offence may be convicted of the offence by way of an indictment or other similar proceedings in the province having jurisdiction over the offence and may be fined in the discretion of the court.

Graffiti is not only illegal in Canada. It’s illegal in Australia. In fact, to have graffiti in your vehicle you’ll have to report it to the police, and in Australia, you have the right if you see it to report it to the Department of Transport.

As in many countries, graffiti is often a result of the illegal drug trade. This is the reason why many of our cities have graffiti problem. The streets are littered with drug dealers, peddlers and even illegal street cleaners to promote and protect their own business interests. In many cities, the people who are responsible for the tagging and putting graffiti are typically young people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In Canada, graffiti is largely driven by youth culture. But in many countries it was discouraged by law, because graffiti was damaging to property and causing an inconvenience; it was also considered in an urban environment disrespectful and degrading to buildings and other things of value that were being built, and was viewed as a nuisance.

Today, graffiti is a tool that many artists use to express themselves, in a manner that is less destructive to their surroundings and more respectful. You may not like the message or the use of color or design, but graffiti in itself is a form of communication. Just like in any communication with other people; whether that is a text message or just a simple conversation, whether that be with a parent, a teacher or someone in your business; graffiti can be a form of communication. In many countries; graffiti is no longer the focus for the street artists; instead, graffiti is a powerful and important form of expression.

Graffiti, when it is painted, is intended to make a statement. Whether it be on a building or a car, or even on a fence, or on the surface of any surface

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Why is graffiti against the law? – How To Spray Paint Art Pictures
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