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Graffiti is a public expression of political or artistic opinion. It may also express religious or moral concern. The use of graffiti requires that the person who is responsible for creating, using, distributing and maintaining the graffiti is a person with a valid passport and has an identity card.

You could be prosecuted in the state’s criminal courts for distributing personal or private property to commit a crime and for violating state graffiti laws if you were the one who committed and distributed graffiti.

What does being in possession of someone else’s work have to do with being in possession of someone else’s graffiti?

The possession of someone else’s graffiti does not have to result in the person with the graffiti receiving any compensation for the work that is being displayed. The person who is responsible for creating, using, distributing and maintaining the graffiti may be charged for defacement and vandalism as well as for possession, production or distribution of graffiti.

Where is the location of graffiti?

Graffiti is typically found in or near areas of high concentration of illegal substances like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and prescription drugs. Most graffiti is found in areas with at least a small population of low socioeconomically and educationally disadvantaged population like the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

As graffiti is considered as a crime in New York City, you will need a valid passport and identity card to cover your name, photograph and other identification details to be a possessor of the graffiti.

Find Local Graffiti Graffiti is usually seen as a crime in most cities and towns. As a result, finding out where graffiti is located can be time consuming as most graffiti is found at busy areas, often in or near the middle of major intersections where graffiti is more likely to be visible. Where there is a strong presence of graffiti there is a high likelihood graffiti was set up there and in doing so, may encourage subsequent defacement. However, this is not always the case as graffiti is usually very difficult to find and find in the majority of cases they are easy to identify. Some people take their frustrations and fears of being arrested and prosecuted out on graffiti and graffiti vandalism. In their opinion, such as graffiti is not only a crime in this state but there is no crime as graffiti cannot be considered legally defaced or vandalized.

Graffiti locations

Below are some local graffiti locations in New York City:

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1) BGE-Brooklyn Bridge

From 8th Avenue on the west side of the bridge to Brooklyn Heights Avenue

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Why graffiti is a crime? – Street Art Spray Paint Store
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