Why graffiti is a crime? – Spray Paint Art App

It’s simply that you didn’t use paint, you didn’t cut someone’s backside with a knife, you didn’t take a piece of glass and throw it at an opponent’s face. You did it without the use of a weapon. That’s it.

What’s to stop someone now? Probably nothing. It’s just graffiti.

Who cares?

Why are they calling you a ‘nazi’?

That can mean many things, but when someone calls you or your fans a ‘Nazi’, you know that their argument is based on prejudice, and not based on fact. We do not need to have a political debate because we already have a good one, and we’ve chosen the wrong direction.

Why do you think that people call you racist?

Because a majority of our fans are people of colour, and people of colour are not going to go to a football stadium and support a company with a logo that is as offensive as that. A good example would be Man City. We’ve had a good discussion with them, which is why we’ve stopped doing anything with them.

What did you think of the City of Manchester vs Arsenal match?

It’s the only one I’m going to be in. They are my rivals and it was a good game. It was nice to see the two teams do well together.

Will you play another game?

Not at Old Trafford; I’ll never be there. We played at Arsenal last year, and we won 5-0; I was there, as was my wife, and we won 5-0.

Why are you not playing on the day of the FA Cup final?

I have to go to see my family; the reason I want that particular trip is because the FA Cup final is on a Tuesday. It really depends on what they say in their response.

Who do you hope gets the award of England’s PFA ambassador?

People ask me all the time, and I don’t know a person out there who I hope gets it. Nobody is more representative than me for the footballing community, for the people who support the England football team, and the footballers themselves.

Did your son ever use the term ‘white power’?

Yes. He has been told he has to stop and apologise when he’s out and about, or he may end up in trouble because of it.

Are you racist?

No. I’ve

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Why graffiti is a crime? – Spray Paint Art App
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