Who makes Krylon spray paint? – Spray Painting Drawing Images

Krylon is a worldwide company that manufactures a wide variety of products, including the popular household cleaner, water cleaners, and automotive products.

It’s the largest, most diversified manufacturer in the United States, and the number of products it sells is more than 150 different types from its top selling brands such as Krylon, ClearNGo, and K2.

How did Krylon come to be called Krylon?

In 1979, Krylon was acquired by the French company Solvay, which took care of the marketing and sales of the Krylon brand. In 1985, the same French company (formerly known as Solvay) merged with the Canadian cosmetics maker, Trowel. In 1984, Trowel bought Krylon in a large deal worth 1.25 billion dollars. At the time, Solvay was still known as K-Sol.

What is Krylon’s history and purpose?

In 1959, the French company Solvay was the first person to find a chemical that could destroy bacteria in a household cleaner, which they named Cleanser K. As a result, Cleanser K spread like wildfire as the industry expanded and the household cleaning company market grew.

In 1966, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the use of household cleaners containing a specific type of Cleanser K. After years of criticism from homeowners, Krylon, the world’s largest manufacturer of household cleaning products, introduced a new product containing a safer version of Cleanser K. The two products are still called Krylon.

In 1985, Krylon introduced an even safer version of Cleanser K, called ClearNGo. Cleanser K and ClearNGo were approved by the FDA at a time when both were not approved elsewhere.

What are the advantages of Krylon?

Krylon’s product is safe for most pets. Although Krylon is widely used in the U.S. for cleaning the inside of water and indoor plumbing fixtures, the company’s ClearNGo product has shown superior safety, not to mention faster results for pets.

According to a 2003 Consumer Reports article on Krylon products:

“ClearNGo is not affected by the alkaline cleaning products that some veterinarians prescribe. And ClearNGo can only be used when a household fixture is covered by a clear plastic barrier.

ClearNGo is not harmful to pets, but it’s not safe for them

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Who makes Krylon spray paint? – Spray Painting Drawing Images
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