Where did graffiti start? – Spray Paint Art Techniques

Goddammit, it didn’t start with the Great Depression. In fact, you can’t even point to a specific era, because there were many eras of graffiti before that. However, there were specific times that led to the current “graffiti trend.” For example, in the late ’50s, the phrase “Graffiti Is No Longer Dead” started to gain popularity amongst a certain group of teenagers. However, this was long before the popular image of graffiti became something we see everywhere today, like all of the above.

Some of the earliest graffiti was in Vietnam. Graffiti was actually quite common in Vietnam. So many people from the Vietnamese were in Vietnam that graffiti was actually commonplace with many of them. This graffiti spread throughout the whole country at a fast pace, even reaching a certain point called “Bamboo Forest.” When you hear graffiti, most of those words are Vietnamese words. This is most probably why the Vietnamese are so much into graffiti. It also probably had a good reason as Vietnam has really harsh conditions for making graffiti. They are only allowed to do painting and graffiti from sunrise onwards. There are very few other outlets that you can do painting to.

What was the original “graffiti trend”?

In the beginning of the modern era, graffiti was mainly found on a social media platform where it was spread all over through the world. The biggest player in the genre was Twitter. Twitter had a very important part to play in starting or leading the graffiti trend. Twitter was a simple platform, but that wasn’t the case much later on. For example, in April 2014, Twitter introduced its own payment system. This was a key event in the evolution of modern graffiti culture.

What was the end of the modern era?

To say that all graffiti ended with the current trend is wrong. In fact, many graffiti artists are still in existence today. However, graffiti can be seen in the shape of a “crown,” a symbol for the “graffiti trend” that was popular in the mid-2000s. It doesn’t mean that graffiti is dead at all. It can be seen everywhere today. It is still popular on social networks, but it can become more and more difficult for some artists to achieve their goals. Even though the trend has ended, it is still being actively cultivated by many.

How is graffiti being expressed on social media?

We believe the social media platform is the biggest contributor towards graffiti. It is the first way that

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Where did graffiti start? – Spray Paint Art Techniques
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