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Graffiti, also called graffiti art or tag art, is a form of writing, usually done for a particular purpose. Graffiti is an art that is highly influenced by social context and the surrounding culture and its relationship to the written word.

Dodger fanatics.

Not only do these guys wear their gear proudly, they wear it to perfection. From the dark colors of their jerseys to the way they grip their bats to the way they swing their bats, these fanatics know their stuff. You’d never know that every time you walk outside, these guys are out playing their favorite game.

That doesn’t stop them from giving it their all each day, and these are some of their best in red, white, and blue. Check out these photos of five Dodger fans taking the game ball back into games each day this season.

We’re thinking these five Dodgers fans are going to become a local celebrity.

The United States and Mexico have launched unprecedented joint military drills in Tijuana, Mexico, with two amphibious assault troops, two assault helicopters and nearly 4,000 troops expected to take part in the exercise which runs until July 1st.

The Mexican army has also been heavily involved in an ongoing “surge of firepower” aimed at recapturing drug-riddled state of Veracruz.

Both the U.S. and Mexico announced that the drills had been suspended.

“It is my understanding that all of our bilateral exercises have been halted to give all our forces space to plan and prepare for the imminent threat from the current terrorist threat in our hemisphere,” the head of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City said in a statement.

US forces stationed in Mexico and the U.S. military have been involved in the “Guadalajara” incident in which Mexican marines opened fire on three vehicles. While it’s never confirmed, there’s also considerable speculation that the incident was caused by Mexican marines being confused during an operation, forcing them to fire first towards unarmed vehicle that was later targeted by American soldiers. It’s reported that the Mexican marines acted in self-defense. The American military has also denied being responsible.

The exercises will come at a time when the U.S-Mexican “Border Security and Economic Partnership” (BSEP) partnership is expected to be renewed, especially as President Donald Trump is moving aggressively towards building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and pressuring to be reimbursed for the construction

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What do graffiti tags mean? – Youtube Spray Paint Artificial Roses Whiteville
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