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I think that graffiti artists use two distinct strategies:

One is to create a narrative about their own subject matter. For example, graffiti artists use language to tell their own story in a series of phrases: “The New Millennium”, (referring to the twenty-first century) “The World has Changed”, “The War Has Changed”. These statements are all taken from “The Poet: A Reader’s Companion” by Stephen Spender, published in 1987. These statements are also used for advertising purposes, such as: “The Poet: The Definitive Commentary on Contemporary Poetry in Ten Short and Easy-To-Read Essays” by Donald L. Litt and John S. Leibing in 1992. “The Poet: An Introduction to Contemporary Poetry” by John S. Leibing and John S. Leibing in 1983. The other is a pure text that is not used, and is much more abstract. It is often thought that the use of a symbol in a message is not an essential aspect of a graffiti piece. This is not true. In fact, many people who are graffiti writers have used symbols in their messages and have gained notoriety, such as “M.T.”, “T.T.”, “N.A.”, and others. This is true for all forms of graffiti, but it’s often the case that these symbols are used in their original symbolic form, such as “M.A.”, “T.T.”, “R.A.”, “R.2.”, “R5.a”, “D.E.”, “L.R.A.*”, and others, when they are not the original symbols that graffiti artist, usually from Eastern European and Soviet countries.

In summary:

Graffiti artists use language to tell their narrative about their own subject matter. The main reason graffiti pieces are considered “controversial” is the fact that they have been created in political and social situations. In addition, the graffiti piece is used in different countries around the world. There is also a large difference between different countries: The United States has the most amount of pieces that are called “blasphemous” or “obscenity” according to Wikipedia, whereas in the Soviet Union the word “obscenity” comes to the most number of pieces with a total of over 800. The most common symbols are letters from Russian, Greek, or Russian and Greek, in addition to Polish and English.

How many pieces is the greatest

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What do graffiti artists use? – Spray Paint Canvas
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