What do graffiti artists use? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial Step By Step

Graffiti artists are mostly self-starting and creative. They use their artistic skills to create unique images of words, people, city and street signs, buildings, roads and other objects.

When do graffiti artists start to get the job?

Graffiti artists start to get the job when they are very creative. Usually the first graffiti artists appear as very young teens. Usually they start by drawing words then place them on real wall. Once the graffiti artists get the job, they often choose for the best locations and create unique images using a variety of techniques.

What is graffiti?

Graffiti is a form of art in which words are made out of concrete or brick which is usually painted on with colors. The purpose is to convey an emotional connection to the graffiti artist and that is why they do it.

Graffiti artists are not only interested in getting a unique image on their walls but also want to create a connection between the artist and the audience by adding information about themselves and the graffiti they are doing.

Do graffiti artists have money?

Graffiti artists are very creative and they have a strong interest in creating art. They can earn more money through selling paintings on walls of different sizes around the world.

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What do graffiti artists use? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial Step By Step
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