What do graffiti artists use? – Basic Spray Paint Art Supplies

Graffiti is all about getting the message out, using different techniques and communication strategies in order to get your message across. Graffiti artists can use many different types of media including tags, images, stencils, artboards and even stickers for their artwork. It’s really up to them and the style of their work. It is a medium that is very popular in both the US and the UK.

What is the difference between graffiti and other forms of art?

Graffiti can be very popular in many different formats and styles, but the biggest difference between graffiti and other forms of art is the use of tags and symbols.

Graffiti tags have been put into graffiti artworks since the late 1970s in order to highlight their message or add a special effect to the piece.

Other kinds of art include paintings, graffiti, sketches and prints to name a few.

Where can I see graffiti?

There is a lot of great graffiti artworks all over the world, including a big area in Central London called Scaffolds and the Thames. There are also many street art pieces around the UK, like the Banksy Banksy Banksy Banksy Banksy Banksy!
Eye of the Forrest - SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech - YouTube

Where can you see more graffiti?

There are a lot of Graffiti artworks on the streets of the UK. It’s very easy to spot a graffiti artist when someone is tagging an art work as it is usually very obvious. If it is near a bus stop or other busy area people will definitely see it. People often assume it is just graffiti but there are many forms of art that are very unique.

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What do graffiti artists use? – Basic Spray Paint Art Supplies
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