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Well, according to some, it’s worse. While the spray paint is no longer sold as a ‘safe’ alternative, it’s one of the most widely used in the world for a reason… it’s dangerous.

Not only do people use this stuff to mark their home or property for sale and sale it when it’s not being used for anything, it can also be dangerous to the environment, as well as people, as a result.

Spray paint is incredibly corrosive and when it lands on objects, like walls, floors and furniture, it can cause burns, as well as damage to the skin which can last a lifetime…

But what’s really dangerous is that this corrosive, long-lasting ‘paint’ can contain toxic chemicals, including arsenic, lead, cyanide, lead-halogen, chlorides, copper, mercury, formaldehyde, hydrocyanic acid, chlorinated hydrocarbons (such as HCF), and other dangerous chemicals.

Which means it’s not just a bad choice for the environment, but it is also potentially deadly to you.

What’s more, if someone touches one of these deadly chemicals with a cloth or paper, the chemicals can contaminate the area where it touched (with toxic contamination) and that’s what can affect the health of anyone who touches it.

And this is where the government wants you to act.

Spray paint is banned in most parts of the US, but when you’re on the mainland, the government is allowing it to make a comeback through the ‘Spray paint ban’ regulations.

In states like Illinois and Massachusetts (just to name a couple), spray paint is allowed in many places, so long as the label on the product (which can indicate other substances being placed underneath it) clearly lists the chemicals contained inside.

It means the products are less likely to actually leak any of the harmful substances.
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Spray paint manufacturers could be charged with manufacturing hazardous chemicals and causing illnesses like heart disease. (In 2012, nearly 70 percent of Americans live in a state where it can be sold without a toxic warning label.)

A federal law would be created by allowing anyone who wishes to apply and paint hazardous chemicals to do so without a ‘spray paint’ warning label.

That would mean that people like you might not always know what you’re putting in your own surroundings – and in some cases you might cause someone to get sick.

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Is spray paint bad? – Spray Paint Art Galaxy
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