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Yes, spray paint is bad (and it is worse than gunpowder!). You cannot paint over paint. Paint has a certain chemical make-up. If you apply paint, it will stain all your other items in your house (and possibly also you)! Therefore, spray paint is never used as a paint on a flat surface. However, use it as a spray on paint on a window. The paint that comes with the spray on is a little thicker and will not cover your window like the paint that comes on with the spray on spray gun. As well, if you want to paint a wall, you have to use the paint on a wall before you can spray on the wall paint. For a wall, you need to spray on the pre-painted wall paint first! Also note that when you spray paint, you will get a mess in your kitchen and you will also get a mess on the floor! Some of the more expensive spray paint companies provide a cleaning product to help get the mess out. This product is the cleaning agent you will want to use if you want to clean your bathroom! You also can spray paint on the furniture and floors as you would with the carpet. If you want to get the carpet back into full condition, you will need a fresh coat of paint on it.

How long does it take to dry?

The answer depends on the size of the walls and their condition. If the wall has wood on the sides and bottom, it will take a little longer to dry. If the walls are painted white, it will look amazing within two weeks. If the wall has an accent color, like bright pink or orange, you may need a little longer to dry.

Who makes it?

There are many companies that make spray paint. The common brands of spray paint consist of the following:

Spray Paint Products

Molotow –

J.J. Johnson

Spraypaint –


Spray Wax

Molotow – For wood, spray paint;

J.J. Johnson – For hardwood, spray paint; Spraypaint – For wood, oil, and water based spray paint;

PaintArt – For wood, oil, and water based spray paint; Molotow is manufactured by Art Products. The paint is a non-toxic paint that is suitable for residential, professional, and industrial use.
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J.J. Johnson – For hardwood

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Is spray paint bad? – Spray Paint Art Easy Nebula
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