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Can I use it on wood in wet environments to protect or seal my woodwork? Can I use spray paint on hard wood to clean it of oil chips and small particles that can penetrate the surface?

I’ll tell you I love the way the paint dries – great feel and great finish on wood. For some people, it’s the only option.

I don’t like using oil based products because of both the chemical and drying methods – the only products I can use that I’ve heard have the best results are polyurethane spray paints.

A few people do mention using a product called “water based acrylics”. Well, I have never tried any of them, but they are advertised to be excellent for cleaning and protecting hard wood.

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I have had problems with both acrylics and oil based products. In my opinion these two products just don’t work for wood-paint.

Also, I have never heard of a coating called “Beltane” that was supposed to protect wood-work against oil-based products. While that may be the case in theory (which I have not seen any information on), in practice, these coatings just don’t work.

For example, I know from experience how damaging they can be. In my opinion, in a vacuum sealer, there is no protective barrier whatsoever to stop this nasty stuff – the whole premise behind a vacuum sealer is to keep out fumes in order to prevent contamination of the woodwork.

So if you want to remove sealer, then you can use a vacuum sealer and the same methods work – this is just not what you’d want to do with a wood-paint coating.

When I read the fine print on the label, I got more information on this – they are using a coating called “Beltane” that is said to be best used for wood that has been dry for several years or longer.

I know that doesn’t describe my own paint, but it does describe that used by others.

Beltane “protects” wood against “the most destructive and destructive fumes you are likely to encounter while working with wood-paint, the most common being benzene,” according to the manufacturer’s website.

I have never heard of benzene being toxic to humans. And I don’t think any “other vapors associated with wood-paint” would cause any problems.

But when it comes to wood-paint coating

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Is spray paint acrylic or oil? – Easy Spray Paint Art & Nature Eco Salon Libertyville Il
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