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I tried to tell the person that I was applying this to my skin, that it looked great, that the polish has a smooth, glossy finish. She told me to not touch it, but give it a once-over. I said that I was not touching it, she told me no, she would not let me touch it, but she would let me smell it. I said no more. “You did this to it, you are ruining it, you are destroying the colour. Tell me, why did you choose the colour black, what do you know about colour?” She kept asking me questions, but I kept trying to get her to tell me her explanation for why it has black paint on the bottles, and I’m just not doing this to myself. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, I guess, but this was my third experience, and I keep hearing about how there’s some sort of chemical called rust.

I just bought something on clearance this morning called Rustoleum Lacquer in Black Pearl which is a gorgeous, sheer black creme nail polish with a silver-grey glitters overlay. On the website, it looks like rustoleum lacquer in black pearl (there is some confusion about that). When I went over the polish with my nail polish remover (to remove any old polish), I was horrified by what I found, and then immediately felt bad.

So what is Rustoleum lacquer? It is this stuff that you put in your nail polish. It is essentially lacquer, though they add some natural glitter to help give it some depth of gold. It is an acrylic paint, and as per the directions it must be applied over glitter glue of some sort (which is typically called Krylon Silver Glues) before you add your other nail polish, which is usually either white or silver. I did just a little bit in yellow gold at first (I forgot to take screenshots of this first time lol), but then tried some more gold for variety! (This is a really nice and pretty colour, and I know I won’t be the only person to use this colour!) Anyways, a good tutorial for getting this stuff out and onto your nails is here.

When it comes to polish, if you buy polish with the instructions on it, I’ve never seen any reason to purchase from Amazon, which seems to mean they are just going through the motions and doing nothing better.

If you are looking to buy polish with instructions, I have

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Is rustoleum lacquer or enamel? – Spray Paint Artists In Nyc
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