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It depends on where you live, but rustoleum lacquer or enamel is the kind of lacquer or enamel used to protect the metal from weathering and corrosion. If this is the type of paint used, one of its main benefits is that the metal will not stick to it when being exposed to sunlight or heat or being scratched by heavy tools. But if the metal is coated with enamel (or a rustoleum finish) as a final touch by a jewelry craftsman, the metal will start to rust in less than a day.

Rustoleum lacquer is available in several finishes, including brushed chrome, antique nickel, antique pearlescent, brushed satin, and matte gold. In most cases, the polish color of the enamel can be specified before buying. If it isn’t the same color as the metal, a rustoleum finish will not be of any help.

Some jewelry shops will sell them enamel finishes as well as polishing tools, or a variety of combinations of enamel and chrome. But if the finish you are looking for is more like traditional nickel or brass finish, I’ve always purchased it from a reputable jeweler’s tool or jeweler’s supplies retailer.

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If you find rustoleum lacquer or enamel that’s not what you are looking for, call the dealer, or contact your local hardware store. That’s where they can be found most, if not all, of the time. But that doesn’t mean all nickel, pearl and brass polishing systems are the same or have the same polishing properties.

I recently acquired a polish for vintage jewelry that I was unable to use with my jewelry. It’s nickel and brass, with a rustoleum finish. After searching online and in hardware stores I found that the manufacturer had discontinued it. I called the company and asked how they could sell me a finished polish that I couldn’t use. My salesman explained that they couldn’t sell it because, “it is a rare, very expensive steel polishing process”. This is true. Most nickel and brass finishing systems are not manufactured to last the time you have your jewelry stored in them. Some are simply designed for a particular brand and color and cannot be used with other finishes. Even with the type of finished polish used, it can have different characteristics or be different in function than the original finish.

After finding no other polishing systems available I made the mistake of trying a polish that I could not use with my

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Is rustoleum lacquer or enamel? – Spray Paint Art In Water
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