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What material is liquitex? Liquitex is an all-purpose acrylic paints that is available in different spray and dryability materials. It is a very efficient solvent and makes fast drying of paint very easy. Unlike most paint paints, Liquitex is not flammable.

How do I apply Liquitex? Apply liquitex to a suitable area of your model. Use the white colour and clean up any excess with foam padding around the area you covered.

How do I use Liquitex? Use Liquitex on a large flat piece of foam pad.
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I have a piece of foam pad and its in shape so I don’t have any excess around, but I’m still getting paint. What should I do? Keep applying Liquitex until all the paint runs off.

Did you try applying Liquitex with plastic paint? Liquitex doesn’t need to be applied with paint because acrylics are non-toxic.

How does Liquitex work? Liquitex is a solvent and will help your paint work much faster.

What does Liquitex work with? Liquitex will reduce the amount of the surface imperfections on a model.

Can I use my Liquitex on some parts that aren’t painted? Yes , Liquitex can be mixed with water or used with the base colour. For a more durable solution, add a layer of oil based polymer over the areas you want to touch Liquitex with. It will stay put in your finished model and doesn’t dry quickly enough!

Is Liquitex compatible with all paints? Not compatible with all paint. Also Liquitex will dry slower on some paints.

What’s the difference between Liquitex and Liquid Gloss? Liquitex and Liquid Gloss are identical. Liquitex is a stronger solvent and the result is smoother and even colour.

Can a Liquid Gloss be used on Liquitex? Yes , Liquid Gloss can be used on Liquitex.

Can Liquitex be mixed with acrylic paint? Liquitex is a non-toxic paint but is not compatible with acrylic paints. Also Liquitex will not stay in smooth on some acrylic paints.

Is Liquitex recommended to be used for plastic modelers? No yes, Liquitex will give paint models a clean finish. Yes, the results are amazing!

If I buy Liquitex in bulk to spray,

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Is liquitex spray paint acrylic? – Spray Paint Art In Water
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