How do you use Krylon spray paint? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Leaves Drawings

I am very pleased to see that the popular Krylon paints have been given the attention they need. This is great when applied to the front and backs of both barrels and the bottom of the rifle. I have been using this product for several years and cannot speak highly enough of them as a very efficient and effective cleaner for the wood. The color is very light and not greasy in an application like this. I also recommend the use of this product to the gunner who wants to avoid getting paint all over the rifle.

Where can I buy this spray paint?

For the United States, I recommend purchasing it from the US Department of Defense website. I wish every one could buy it from their US Dept of Defense site where it is delivered direct to our office by the US Dept of Defense and is ready to ship! For Canada, one could purchase it from a reputable, US distributor like Canadian Gun Supply. For Europe, I recommend the excellent European distributor Aceshock. For the rest of the world, a US distributor, like FNH, could be a good choice.

What do you use Krylon spray paint on (e.g. M1 Carbine barrels)?

I can’t think of my favorite products to use on M1 Carbine barrels. The spray paint on some products I use is very light in the application. I would rather have it on a rifle barrel to protect it from dirt and moisture.

Is the paint safe to use on M14 rifles or AR-type rifles?

The Krylon spray paint is indeed suitable to use on a rifle barrel, but I do not know the application instructions for the spray paint. It was my experience that the paint in some of the commercial products is very light in the application. My experience is that it seems to apply slowly on the surface of the barrel, so you do want to be slow and methodical because it is likely that the paint will rub off. I also do not see any danger in using this type of spray paint on any of the AR-type rifles.

Can Krylon spray paint be used on your M9 rifles?

No. Krylon spray paint and powder are NOT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for use on firearms. Krylon’s own safety information states that a coating with these substances will reduce the metal’s hardness for the purposes of the rifle’s components and the firearm’s parts are intended to be “very hard.” This is a good thing, because we

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How do you use Krylon spray paint? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Leaves Drawings
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