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No more trying to hide a message from somebody. You can easily see that the message isn’t there and it doesn’t have any meaning if you get caught. It’s no difference if you are going to an event or a store or what.”

Sitting in the midst of America’s economic meltdown, an economic collapse that would force the Federal Reserve to tighten its monetary policy, and the threat of war in the Middle East, the question is not what the Fed is doing to stimulate the economy, but rather what the private economy is doing to stimulate itself.

A recent report from the Center for Economic Policy Research has found that the “revolving door industry” in the United States is booming. According to economist Robert Gordon, a former adviser to former President George H.W. Bush, the revolving door industry has exploded since the 2008 global economic collapse.

From the Washington Examiner:

Gordon says there are over 400 private companies working for government entities in the USA, which he defines as corporations that have a total revenue less than $100 million. He’s talking about the business organizations that hold public policymaking positions and get to sit on “working councils” that have influence in shaping policies. Those that have a total revenue of $100 million or more are listed as “government contractors.”

Gordon’s findings are based on the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). Cépré writes about the findings for the Center for American Progress Action Fund:

In 2010, the revolving door between government and the business sector was the biggest it has ever been. In addition to the government sector, the American Enterprise Institute reported that there are at least 40 private corporations that are working in the public sector. These corporations include: Health Care Service Corporation of America

RxHealth, Inc.

U.S. Airways Corporation

United Auto Workers

American Airlines

Boeing (formerly International Business Machines Corp.)

General Dynamics

Lockheed Martin Corporation

General Electric

United Express


CVS Health

Health Net

United Parcel Service

Kmart; All others are private companies working through the private sector, the only example being Air Force One, which is now used by members of both political parties. As part of this growing phenomenon, the number of companies in the industry is increasing rapidly. Gordon points out that it’s “the biggest industry in the country, and the biggest industry in this country with respect to number of jobs

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How do you not get caught graffiti? – Spray Paint Art Easy
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